Mohit Balachandran

(Country Head – SodaBottleOpenerWala)

Mohit joined the Olive group as a manager in 2005 and has successfully taken on multiple projects over the years he’s been associated with the company. He also writes on Indian food under the name Chowder Singh and his extensive knowledge of Parsi and Bombay food has helped shape up the overall vision of the food and beverages at SodaBottleOpenerWala. He’s a sharp business operator and has grown the brand to its current size and looking to now further grow the brand in India and abroad.



Gaurav Nerlekar

(Head of Operations – SodaBottleOpenerWala Mumbai and Bangalore)


Gaurav heads up Operations for Mumbai and Bangalore. He’s a strong food and beverage operator and has worked in some of the top hotels of Mumbai. He’s also worked in institutional catering for some time and picked up the finer points of bulk catering and distribution from there. He’s a very focussed operations person having sound knowledge on beverages and on everything Bombay.



Anahita Dhondy

(Chef Partner at SodaBottleOpenerWala Gurgaon)


Anahita’s Parsi and has been with the brand since the start and has been one of the key chefs behind the wonderful dishes at SodaBottleOpenerWala. She’s grown with the brand and now heads up the entire business operations of SodaBottleOpenerWala Gurgaon and the Catering division of the brand in Delhi NCR. She continues to be deeply involved in the kitchen operations of Gurgaon and Bangalore.



Anaida Parvaneh

(Chef Partner at SodaBottleOpenerWala Powai)



She’s one of India’s top Pop Artists and was one of singers responsible for the rise of Indi Pop as a genre. Anaida’s now a full time Chef and is responsible for the business operations and food at Powai. This’s also the only SodaBottleOpenerWala outlet where the menu has a small Persian section curated by Anaida. Parsis came from Persia approximately 1000 years ago and to highlight this link, we’ve done a small Persian section in the menu.



Danesh Vakshoor

(Chef de Cuisine – BKC, Lower Parel and Hyderabad)


Chef Danesh’s a true-blooded Zoroastrian Irani. His grandparents came from Iran around 100-105 years ago and the family has been in Mumbai since. His family runs a small typical Parsi-Irani bar in SoBo called Lord Irvin. He’s a very fine hand and has been instrumental in SodaBottleOpenerWala making a huge impact on the Parsi and Irani Cafe scene in Mumbai, inspite of the city having so many established iconic cafes.



Hemant Sonar

(Executive Chef – Thane, Powai, Khan Market and Noida)

Hemant Sonar



Chef Hemant joined the team when we opened our Thane outlet. He’s grown from there to handling the kitchen of four outlets and the bakery operations in Delhi. He has international exposure from working in Russia for many years, but being a local Thane boy, he has an excellent understanding of Bombay and Bambaiyya food.


Shaaz Mehmood

(Business Partner – SodaBottleOpenerWala and Olive in Hyderabad)


Shaaz is a lawyer by education but a restaurateur at heart. Alongwith being in the middle of Hyderabad’s social circle, he’s also the Business Partner at SodaBottleOpenerWala Hyderabad and Olive Hyderabad. He’s been key in the effort to put the spotlight on the Hyderabadi Irani Cafés and at the SodaBottleOpenerWala in Hyderabad, a part of our menu is the classic dishes from iconic Irani Cafés of Old Hyderabad.


Saumya Chawla

(Marketing Manager – Delhi NCR and Hyderabad)

Saumya has been in the marketing world for 8 years and leads the marketing efforts of the brand in Delhi NCR and Hyderabad and its exposure on Social media. She’s got an excellent understanding on the overall vision of brand SodaBottleOpenerWala and its many different layers.


Shiv Bhasin

(Marketing Manager – Mumbai and Bangalore)


Shiv was earlier in the Media Relations business and took over the reigns of marketing at SodaBottleOpenerWala in Mumbai. He’s grown with the brand and now handles all three outlets in Mumbai and one in Bangalore.


Sukhjinder Kaur

(Food Safety and Hygiene Manager)


Sukhjinder works with the Chefs and Bar teams in all SodaBottleOpenerWala outlets to ensure that Food Safety and Hygiene Best Practices are followed diligently. She’s also been very effective in coming up with practical Food Safety solutions, considering that most of our outlets as busy operations and our kitchens are not that big.


Aditya Hamilpur

(Operations Manager – Hyderabad)


Aditya is a young member of our team, who joined Olive in Hyderabad as an intern and grew with the company. He’s now responsible for growing the SodaBottleOpenerWala business in Hyderabad.