SodaBottleOpenerWala Brand Vision and History 

SodaBottleOpenerWala is an all-day Café serving Parsi and Bombay-inspired Indian food. It’s an easy and accessible concept that has an egalitarian appeal. 

We started off in November 2013 in Cyberhub, Gurgaon and have grown to nine outlets in four cities across India. The concept’s been well received across the spectrum and has managed to be popular across different age groups and social backgrounds. 

It’s priced as a premium mid-market Café and the food is a mix of small and medium sharing plates in both starters and mains. Desserts are a big part of our offerings.

All our current SodaBottleOpenerWala outlets have full-service bars and our signature cocktails are quite popular. We also serve excellent non-alcoholic drinks, Irani Chai, Cold and Hot Coffee. 

Brand Strengths 

🔸Professionally run all day space with a quirky and interesting ambience of an upgraded and modern Bombay Irani Café.

🔸Great service and very customer focussed.

🔸Interesting menu with Parsi dishes and Bombay-inspired Indian food, which’s different enough from generic Indian restaurants yet the flavours being comfortable enough for customers who are looking for a great Indian food experience.

🔸Great quality food and drinks, the flavours of which have been consistently across different cities.

🔸Interesting events and activities are done from time to time, to refresh the brand and keep loyal customers coming back.

About the Olive Group 

SodaBottleOpenerWala is part of the Olive Bar and Kitchen Group, which’s one of India’s most well-regarded restaurant companies operating thirty seven restaurants across six Indian cities. The group is quality and customer focused and built great brand equity over the past eighteen years.

Franchise Opportunity 

SodaBottleOpenerWala is looking for Franchisees for new outlets in India and around the world. The brand works very well in high visibility and high footfall locations like malls, busy premium markets, locations with premium office concentrations which also have easy access to retail and other non-office clientele. Destination locations usually do not work for the brand. 

For locations outside India, its preferable to be in areas which already have a supply of Indian restaurants and/or have a nearby catchment of customers who favour the cuisine.

We’d prefer franchisees who are already in the business or have prior experience in running restaurants, but need not necessarily have experience with Indian food.

To get on board, write to us at and click here to download the franchise form.