When given reference of Parsi cuisine, we are sure that a Raspberry Soda definitely pops up in your head. The authentic Parsi food experience isn’t over until you’ve had one of these. Raspberry Soda has been a Parsi Staple ever since the 1800s. It is a common sight in Parsi homes and eateries. This tangy-sweet  neon red fizzy drink is a proud tradition which is savoured by Parsis of all ages. Whether it is catching up at a Navjote or a grand Parsi Wedding, the classic beverage of all times is the Raspberry Soda. 

The two popular brands that manufacture this beverage are Dukes and Pallonji’s. This drink, however, is becoming a rare sight now. With the Parsi Community shrinking the demand and manufacturing of the drink has reduced and Raspberry Soda is slowly being replaced by the likes of Pepsi and Coca-Cola at the dinner table. 

Nowadays, Raspberry soda is only available at old Irani-Parsi cafes, convenience stores near Parsi colonies in Mumbai and places like SodaBottleOpenerwala that have decided to keep the Parsi culture alive giving it a new age twist. 

Raspberry Soda is not just a soda but is iconic to the slowing fading Parsi community that cherishes good life and great food.