Bun-Maska and Chai – an Irani Cafe must!

Enjoying comfort food like bun-maska and chai with friends over chit-chat is what an ideal evening in Mumbai looks like. It is something that folks from Bombay connect with and people meeting their friends over bun-maska and chai is followed like a ritual for many years.

A typical bun-maska and chai combo features a slightly sweet bun studded with raisins that is cut into half and laden with wholesome butter and served with a cup of hot piping tea. The best way to enjoy this savoury is by dipping the bun in the tea and relish every bite.

Bun-maska and chai became a popular tea-time snack after the rise of Irani cafes in Mumbai. It is one of the most pocket-friendly breakfast or snack option. It is something that you can’t go wrong with on any day.

Today, you can relish these sweet and salty savouries at Irani cafes in Mumbai like SodaBottleOpenerWala, Yazdani Bakery, Britannia & Co., Koolar & Co., and Kyani and Co.