parsi egg

The Parsi Egg Obsession

The Parsi egg obsession is well known. Parsis and Eggs share a close bond, one that has captured the imagination and appetite of Parsis over generations

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The Legendary Kolah Vinegar

Kolah vinegar is to Parsi Food, what Balsamic is to Italian. It’s a brown Sugarcane natural vinegar that’s made by two famous families of Navsari in Gujarat, who go by the same surname

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We know your Mumma’s Dhansak is the best, but do try ours, Dikra!!

Dhansak is the ultimate comfort food for Parsis and every family has their own special recipe. The Dhansak at SodaBottleOpenerWala is made the traditional way and we serve this in our own unique way; in steel tiffins

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aunty’s bar

The Bandra Aunty’s Bar

The 60’s were the time of prohibition in Bombay and Auntys’ bars were hidden places that served Moonshine. Picking up the inspiration from this very unique concept that was part and parcel of Bombay culture for many years, we’ve done cocktails and other drinks with typical Bombay flavours but with modern mixology techniques

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The Parsi Bakery

Traditionally, baking has been a strong forte of the Parsi community and at SodaBottleOpenerWala we pride ourselves in the range of bakery items and desserts that we produce. We make an excellent Bombay Pav and our Nankhatai, Shrewsbury Biscuit and Bun Maska are hugely popular with customers

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